PM Modi arrives in Leh suddenly, cheers Indian soldiers,

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There has been a lot of tension between India and China, so this morning, PM Modi suddenly reached Leh in Ladakh. Met Indian soldiers and encouraged them.

There has been a lot of tension between India and China, so this morning, PM Narendra Modi reached Ladakh, Leh, met the Indian soldiers and encouraged them. Addressing the PM modi soldiers said that your courage, valor and honor of Mother India – Your dedication to protect honor is always incomparable.. Your duty is the best, in which circumstances, the height at which India has become mother’s shield and protected them. No one in the world can compete with it. Your courage is higher than the height where you are stationed. The determination of the people also hardens the valley, which you measure every day with your footsteps, your courage is the faith of India.

PM Modi used big words to encourage the soldiers, strong like those rocks and unbreakable like mountains, the security of the country is in your hands, your intentions are always noble and strong. I respect all the people of India. Because of the people, the whole country feels safe, now our jawans who have shown bravery have given a message to the whole world. India’s power is priceless.

PM Modi again paid tribute to the soldiers who were martyred in the violent clash between India and China soldiers on the night of 15 June. He remembered his valor, his demeanor. He spoke about India’s water, land and space till the world The goal has always come forward for human welfare. That is why India is making modern technics today, India is getting weapons of modern technics from the world so that India’s security is strengthened, The world of protecting Indian heroes or the work of world peace is injured. Soldiers also have an important role in making India self-reliant, they put more emphasis on development and wished for a brighter future Modi and his encouragement met the injured soldiers.

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