In the ‘Mann ki Baat’ PM Modi said the Indian Army gave a befitting reply to the Chinese Army

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In the’ Mann Ki Baat’ program PM Modi said that we have to be careful in unlockdown more than lockdown. PM Modi said that if a person does not put on a mask and does not follow social distance, then he is working to put the other person at risk.

PM Modi spoke on the martyrdom of 20 Indian soldiers

PM Modi addressed the nation through ‘Mann Ki Baat’ program amid the martyrdom of 20 Indian soldiers killed in violent clash between India and China soldiers in East Ladakh’s Galvani Valley and growing corona infection in India . During the last several months of the ongoing tension in eastern Ladakh, PM Modi responded by saying for the first time that India knows how to befriend a neighbor, but in every way it is also a befitti

PM Modi clearly said that the Indian Army has given a befitting reply in Ladakh.

The Indian soldiers have given a befitting reply to the people who look at the land of India in Ladakh. The whole of India is bowing down and paying tribute to the valor of our brave martyrs in Ladakh. The whole country is grateful to the martyr in the violent clash with China, and there is a lot of fear in front of them. PM Modi said that like the family of these companions, the whole of India is also feeling the pain of losing them.

PM Modi appeals to avoid coronavirus infection

In the ‘Mann Ki Baat’ program, PM Modi also mentioned the fast growing corona virus infection. PM Modi appealed to the people to make sure to use the mask while exiting. Do not let your family carelessly Get into trouble. So follow the social distance. May you and your family be safe. There will be more vigil in unlocked dawn than lockdown.

Everyone is needed to become an aatmanirbhar bhaarat

PM Modi said that no mission can be completed without public support. The direction of a self-reliant India As a citizen, we all need to make a resolution. Surrender and cooperation are required. If every Indian buys the same as the local, then the vocals will be strong for the local people. By doing this, you can play a role in country service. India’s resolve is – to protect India’s self-respect and sovereignty. India is not aiming to foster brotherhood, tradition and trust to strengthen aatmanirbhar bharat. To be self-reliant India with this ideal.

Martyr Kundan Kumar’s father also mentioned

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also remembered the soldiers who were martyred in Ladakh and mentioned the father of martyr Kundan Kumar, who lives in Bihar. He said that the words of martyr Kundan Kumar’s father are still echoing in his ears. He was saying that the grandson should be sent to the army to protect the country. This courage belongs to the family of every martyr. PM Modi said that the sacrifice of these families is indeed venerable.Our efforts should always be in this direction. Protect the borders of the country and have the strength and progress of the country. He said that the country should become self-reliant, this will be a true tribute to our martyrs. India will grow and become self-sufficient.

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