Pawai lake water overflow due to rain for three consecutive days

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Overflow of Pawai lake will increase the water level of the sweet river water. There may be a danger of water filling the houses around it.

Mumbai: In the financial capital, it has been raining for the last three days, due to which the lake located in Powai area is completely overflowing. This lake of Powai falls under the Mumbai Municipal Corporation and is maintained by them. The Mumbai Municipal Corporation said that this morning there was overflow.

Pawai lake is located about 27 km away from the office of Mumbai Metropolitan Municipality. Due to continuous rains for three days, water filled and overflow also happened this morning.

Pawai lake has a capacity to hold 545 crore liters of water. It is a very old lake, which was built in 1890. Lake water is not drinkable. Therefore, it is used in industrial areas. Due to overflow of the water, this water is found in the Mithi River, which shows the danger of water entering the houses of the people living nearby. People around him are praying to God that the rain should stop.

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