Chinese troop retreated 2 kilometers from India’s harsh posturing in Galvan

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India showed China its actions in front of the world, banned apps and increased faiz on the border, also deployed fighter planes, Chinese soldiers retreated.

There was a lot of tension between India and China for a few days. Today, Chinese troops have retreated 2 kilometers from the Galvan valley, indicating signs of reduced tension. Indian National Security Advisor Ajit Doval spoke to the Chinese minister on Sunday. After that there is agreement between the two countries. A border dispute has been going on between India and China for a long time. Steps have been taken from both the countries to resolve this. Ajit Doval is representing on behalf of India and spoke to the Chinese Foreign Minister yesterday.

India started the work of harming and expelling China from all sides. Faiz and fighter aircraft also deployed quite a lot on the border. America also came into India’s sport. India has stopped Chinese apps, causing China to suffer crores of rupees, 2 km retreat of Chinese army has reduced tension

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