Murder of Tik tok, star Shivani, body found in salon after two days

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Murder of tik tok,star Shivani in Sonepat, Haryana, corpse found in saloon, revealed after two days

Heartbreaking event

A heartbreaking incident has come to light in Sonepat district of Haryana. In the Kundali area of ​​the district, the Tik tok star Shivani was strangled to death. Arif, who lives in the horoscope, has been accused of murdering Shivani’s father. Shivani’s corpse escaped after putting it in a bed lying in a salon.

On Sunday, when Neeraj, a friend of Shivani’s sister, opened the beauty parlor, it smelled. When Neeraj opened the door of the beauty parlor’s wardrobe, he found Shivani Lee’s corpse. The dead body was put in the bed, then the family informed the police. Police said that Shivani Khobian used to run a beauty salon called Touch and Fair in the horoscope. His 1.5 lakh followers on Tik Tok.

Shivani’s sister Shweta says that on June 26, Arif came to meet Shivani in her beauty parlor. Shweta had told Shivani these things on the phone. If Shivani did not come home that night, Shweta messaged in the night. In response to the message, Shivani received a reply from her phone that she has come to Haridwar, and will return on Tuesday. Two days after Shivani’s death, a video was uploaded from her Tik tok account. Shivani’s father Vinod has described Arif as a murderer. The police are investigating.

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